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N I G H T R A I D S // S C U M C U L T

A few people know that outside of running Radlands we keep busy with a number of other creative endeavors. Music plays a huge part in our lives and influences much of the Radlands aesthetic. Both Sheldon and myself play tunes in various projects in Philadelphia, and some of that sonic output is collected, recorded and released through a tape label we co-run with our brothers out in West Philly.

The label is called S C U M C U L T and if you like aggressive vibrations and guitar assault, I recommend checking out what’s going on over at the website.

We have some collaborative efforts in the works with Scum Cult, but today we’d like to direct your attention to the newest output from our 2 buddies who have just released a new tape under the name NIGHT RAIDS that you can stream over at their bandcamp. The guitarist describes it as “30 minutes of super-pissed shreddage. Six twisted visions of plutocratic asphyxiation.”

ART n’ SKATE at Space 1026 // Dan Haddigan, Bradford Haubrich & Eric Kenny

Some call them modern masters, some call them shred board derelicts, we call them broheims. Support them and all of skateboarding mankind tonight at Space 1026 for their show opening!

An Installation by Dan Haddigan, Bradford Haubrich & Eric Kenny.
March 7th – March 28th, 2014
First Friday opening reception 7-10pm at Space 1026
After Party at Tango Noodle Bar


We are artists and we are skateboarders and we are building a ramp at the Space 1026. The ramp will be cool. we have a skate crew and we are called the Long Ass Grind Boys and sometimes we get a little wild. We are committed to bringing skateboard excellence to the Space 1026. We solemnly swear to bring the choicest techniques, and as such will host a fully-functional event of ‘skate-of-the-art’ proportions. We are sure that nothing will get messed up in any way.



SKATE JAWN // Nik Stain

Backing this fucking dude!


Dudes are back after a little revamp of the team. This is a perfect little slice to get you amped to push.

Good work Pat and Crew.


“Good production values give this drug scare film from 1967 the sheen of respectability, but it’s still full of the same old bullshit. At a time when kids needed a Psychedelics For Dummies instructional manual, we got the kind of spooky propaganda that caused more bummers than strychnine-laced STP.” – Marc Campbell


We’re happy to introduce our new winter collection, “Into The Mild”. The collection is all about taking it easy, soaking it up, getting mild.

Joining us this season are contributing artists Mike Willcox & Felipe Merdina. We’re extending our Brotherhood and we’re psyched to have these talented artists in our camp.

Please check out these artists work
Mike Willcox
Felipe Merdina

We have a grip of graphic tees, fleece, hats and accessories in the shop, including our brand new items, The Grease Rag, Toke Bag, and Pullover Hooded Fleece. Check out the SHOP for the for the full line.

#OnOurWayToNowhere #IntoTheMild

The Northern Co. // The Palace

Can we all just pause for a minuet and watch this clip and ask our selves, “what have I ever built for my skate community?”
Chances are the answer is “absolutely nothing.” Which is sad, but fuck dudes if you did, you could be riding the tightest concrete waves under canopies of weather protection and ripping lines like this shredder Mike Lent. The guy knows what he likes to skate and built it for himself. I actually don’t know if he built it, but that’s what I gather. Anyone know where this is? I’m trying to donate some concrete and come shred this palace.

Check out The Northern Co. for boards and gear and more clips of rawness.

Grey Area

Yep, some shralpery to get you stoked to push the wood. The Polar ‘Sect’ knows best.

Refried Domes

Lloyd Kahn discussing his publishing history (including Whole Earth Catalog, Domebooks 1 &2, Refried Domes, Shelter, and Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter) and giving a tour of his own self-built home and surrounding property.

A truely amazing human, this dudes got the right idea.

LETS SMOKE SOME BEERS | TEMP Gallery NYC | curated by Corpse Corps

Corpse Corps Boards presents Let’s Smoke Some Beers: Group Illustrative Exhibition is a gallery showcasing of commissioned monochromatic artwork by a diverse collection of over forty contemporary artists asked to visually explore the carefree implications of the show title through their individual aesthetic, wit and precision.

These artists’ backgrounds and areas of influence range from skateboarding, tattoo, and graffiti to the painting, illustration, sign painting, animation, printmaking, comic, and graphic design arenas.

I’m excited to be showing a new piece of work along side soo many other talented humans. If your in the NYC area this Thursday, please stop by and do some livin’ with us.

Temp Gallery
57 Walker St. NY, NY
Sept. 12, 2013
8pm – Midnight

Daniel Albrigo, Sterling Bartlett, Daniel Bolliger, Matt Crabe, Deno, Brendan Donnelly, Faro, Father Futureback, Connor Getzlaff, Gorey, Andreas Guzman, Matthew Gribben, Edouard Guiounet, Alex Hagen, Holland Hames, Joe Jurewicz, Lilkool, John Malta, Dennis McNett, Llew Mejia, Chris Mendoza, Brian Mitchell, Bill Rebolz, Kim Rense, Matt Parker, Justin Pervorse, Luke Pelletier, Erik Savage, Will Sheldon, Sheryo, Andrew Steiner, Sketchy Tank, Jess Underwood, Jordan Walczak, Todd Ryan White, Yark, The Yok, Sadam Yoshizawa

Videos by: Lilkool + Max Roslow
Words by: Andreas Trolf + Drew G McKenzie
Musical performances by: Liquor Store + Atlantic Thrills
Join us on Thursday September 12th at 8pm in NYC for:

BONE CRUSHER ZINE Vol 2 release party
FREE Concert by Almost Ready Records’s Liquor Store & Atlantic Thrills
FREE Grolschpop-tops, Coors Vintage Label, and Sailor Jerry
FREECorpse Corps Coffin Skateboard give-aways

More info at Corpse Corps